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  • How to upgrade your eZ Cash Account (Power Account)?

    Easy 3 Steps to upgrade your eZ Cash Account

  • How do I subscribe for this service?

    Simply dial #111#

  • How much is Rs. 1/- in electronic money?

    Rs. 1/- in actual money = Rs 1/- in electronic money

  • How much of electronic money can you carry / what are the eZ Cash Account types you can have?

    There are 2 account types

    • Classic Account – Rs. 10, 000
    • Power Account – Rs. 25,000
  • How secure is my money?

    When you are registering for the service, you will get to create your own secret 4 digit PIN . Therefore even if you lose your phone nobody can access your eZ Cash Account unless they know your secret PIN.

  • From whom can I get electronic money?

    From eZ Cash Merchant Points across the country

  • Where are they located?

    For your convenience they will be located at every village and every town.

  • How will I be able to identify an eZ Cash Merchant Point?

    The Merchant Points will display the eZ Cash sign both outside and inside their stores.

  • Once I have electronic money in my phone, for what purpose can I use it?

    For any transaction purpose that require money. Instead of using physical cash, you can use electronic cash.

  • Can you explain with examples?

    • OTC (Over The Counter) bill payments – this is where you pay for goods and services you have purchased.
      Eg: You go to a grocery and buy groceries worth Rs 1,000 – and pay through your eZ Cash Account on your phone instead of paying physical cash.
    • Dialog Bill Payments - this is where you pay for all your Dialog bills (GSM Pre-paid, GSM Post-paid, Dialog Television, CDMA, Wi-Max Bills) through your eZ Cash Account.
      Eg: Instead of going to a Dialog Arcade, you can now pay your Dialog television bill through your phone.
    • Utility Bill Payments – this is where you can pay your electricity and water bills like above. (Utilities such as CEB, Water, Leco, SLT)
    • Send Money – this where you send money from one eZ Cash account to another.
      Eg: if you are working in Colombo and you want to send money to your parents in Dambulla, you can simply send the money from your eZ Cash Account to your parent’s eZ Cash Account. Then your parents in Dambulla can go to an eZ Cash Merchant Point nearest to them and get it enchased to physical money.
    • Top up / Withdraw – you can also top up your eZ Cash account and withdraw cash from your account.
  • Will there be any charges for sending money?

    Yes – there will be small charge, which is negligible when you consider the speed and convenience. Eg: if you were to do a bank transfer or send a money order, you have to physically go to a bank or a post office. The recipient in turn also has to go to the corresponding bank or the sub post office branch nearest to him or her, which may take a considerable amount of time and money for travelling.

  • Can you explain the how the rates apply

    The rates are applicable in slabs. Eg: send money

    Send Money
    Rs.500 and below : FREE
    Above Rs.500.00 : Rs.5.00

  • How much of money can I transfer for a day?

    You can transfer in multiples of Rs 5,000/- at a time up to the maximum limit of your eZ Cash Account i.e. up to Rs. 10,000/- if you’re on the Classic Account &up to Rs. 25,000/- if you’re on the Power Account.

  • What happens if my phone gets lost?

    Even if you lose your phone, you won’t lose your eZ Cash wallets cause all transactions & accessing your eZ Cash account requires the secret input of your PIN.

  • Can I change my PIN ?

    Yes. You can change your PIN number any time through your phone by choosing ‘Change PIN’ option or if in the instance you don’t remember the current PIN you can call our Dialog eZ Cash Hotline by bailing 7111 & request for a PIN reset.

  • Is it possible to check my balance?

    Yes. You can always check your balance using the menu function on the phone. Not only that, you can even check the last 5 transactions by choosing the ‘Mini Statement’ option.

  • Is it possible to get a statement at the end of the month?

    Yes. You can request for a printed statement through a Dialog Service Point. But you will be charged Rs. 200 for this service.

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