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eZ Cash App Migration

To give a much faster and a better app experience, all our eZ Cash app users are now invited to link their eZ Cash wallet to genie app.

  • Download the genie app
  • Click on “link your eZ Cash account” option
  • Log on to genie app whenever you want to send money/ make a bill payment/ perform any other transaction and simply chose “eZ Cash wallet” as the payment option.

While we have discontinued the existing eZ Cash app, you can always use your eZ Cash wallet simply by dialing #111# from your mobile.

Will my eZ Cash wallet still be active while the app is no more there?

Yes. The eZ Cash wallet will still be valid and will be accessible to transact through either by dialing #111# from your mobile or via the genie app with a better app experience.

What is going to happen to my existing balance?

The existing balance will remain the same. If you want to check your balance, you can simply dial #111# from your mobile or it will be automatically visible when you access to your wallet via the genie app after linking the wallet to it.

Will I be able to use all types of transactions which were originally available on eZ Cash app, now on genie too?

Yes, all existing eZ Cash transactions will be available on genie. Additionally, genie app also offers a range of other services such as savings, loan facilities, goal based FD, investing in stocks & etc.

Can I register for an eZ Cash wallet through Genie?

No. New registrations are yet to be facilitated through genie and it will be enabled soon. However, you can register with eZ Cash service, simply by dialing #111# from your mobile.

How do I connect my eZ Cash wallet to the Genie App?

  • Simply log on to the genie app.
  • Click “Link your eZ Cash wallet” option available on the home page itself.
  • You will be asked to enter your eZ Cash PIN to verify once.
  • Continue to use the eZ Cash service via the Genie app

What should I do if my genie registered mobile number is different to the eZ Cash wallet number? How do I sync my wallet?

You will have to change the existing genie number by sending an email to genie@dialog.lk consenting to change the previous number to your eZ Cash wallet number ( The number under which eZ Cash wallet is registered). However if you have obtained a loan facility from Dialog Finance via genie, this will be not be facilitated.