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eZ Banking Service

  • This service is currently available for Sampath accounts (Deposits, Withdrawals).
  • This service is only offered by selected eZ Cash retailers who are enables with eZ Banking service.
  • Visit Merchant List PDF to see the eZ Banking enabled retail outlets Island wide.
  • This service is valid for savings / Personal and Current accounts.
  • All transactions are real time.
  • Extended banking hours are offered through eZ Banking merchants despite the standard banking hours and banking holidays.
  • Maximum and minimum daily limits applicable for the service are as below
    Minimum value (Per transaction) Maximum value (Per transaction) No of transactions limit (Daily)
    Deposits 500 50,000 LKR 3 transactions
    Withdrawal 500 5000 LKR 3 transactions
  • Customers to perform deposits and withdrawals via eZ Banking service should satisfy below criteria
    Cash Deposits - Must be depositing cash for his own / any other Sampath bank account.
    - Should produce the NIC number and mobile no to the retailer
    - Having an eZ Cash wallet is not a must.
    Cash withdrawals - Withdrawals can be performed only when the Account holder is present at the eZ Banking retail shop.
    - Having an eZ Cash wallet is a must
    - Should possess the mobile phone with the mobile number for which Sampath Bank SMS banking is linked plus eZ Cash wallet is registered.